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Handon Arms, LLC is dedicated to providing a quality self-defense training experience using a comprehensive curriculum focusing on the safe, legal, and efficient use. Our goal is to empower our students with the tools necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

Let's Get You Trained!!! 

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Join and discover how a USCCA Membership will ensure you’re prepared to protect your family before, during, and after a self-defense incident with the best self-defense legal and financial protection available for responsibly armed citizens.

Click the link below and join using code: HANDON

  • Maryland  Qualification License - HQL

  • Maryland  Wear & Carry Permit

  • Washington DC Concealed Carry Permit

  • Utah Non-Residents Concealed Carry Permit

  • Basic Fundamentals

  • Home Defense Fundamentals

  • Cleaning & Care

  • Legal Use of Force

Choose your service


One-on-One Range

Hone in on your individual needs to become more efficient with your techniques. We will focus on critical factors including but not limited to your  stance, proper grip, sight alignment, control, and breathing.

Firearms Cleaning

A firearm that has not been properly cleaned impacts performance and degrades the value. Learn how to remove lead shavings, residues from powders, old lubricants, and any contaminant that cause wear.


Small Group Range

Train with an old friend, new friend or family member.

Take advantage of the added support, motivation, and friendly competition as you and your training partners improve stance, grip, control, breathing and more!


Licensure Classes

Gather your crew and book a Handon Arms, LLC private session to gain the knowledge and skills needed to obtain your Maryland  Qualification License 

or your Maryland Wear & Carry Permit 


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Handon Arms, LLC

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